Welcome to Lumiera Pictures page.
We're a group of fun young talents who have passion in photography.
We entered commercial photography industry since 10 Oct 2010 and we started using the name Lumiera Pictures since July 2012.
We do love take pictures especially your precious moments and always mix our creativity in every photos we take.
For us, photo is not just a picture, but we make every photos has a story to tell.
To capture those moments, we believe it’s not just about camera and photography skill, but we want to create fun atmosphere and give the best service that promote client satisfaction will result in the live pictures.

So let’s grab a cup of coffee together and share us your story. We’re gonna make a great photos of it!

Gaby & Kevin Birthday

Handy & Christine pre-wedding photoshoot

Birthday Packet A :

 ● 1 photographer

 ● ±4 hours

 ● unlimited photo + 20 photo edited in 1 cd master 

 ● one mini album (hard cover) = 20 photo (size 4r) 

Birthday Packet B :

 ● 2 photographer

 ● ±4 hours 

 ● unlimited photo + 40 edited photo in one cd master

 ● one album = 40 photo 4r (size 4r) 

Pre-Wedding :

 ● photographer + team

 ● one makeup artist

 ● one day full photoshoot

 ● ±50 edited photo

 ● inter Jakarta

 ● location fee is not included


contact us for price list

● Dicky Prakoso Triadi Wijaya : 08988233028

● Leonardus Aditya : 081808000123

● Ignasius Igor Irendy: 081213311304